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The Jolliest Santa!
We had Santa Kevin at our company Christmas party last year. He was phenomenal!
The kids had a great time singing carols (so did the adults), he was fun to watch with the kids
as he gave out gifts, and was just generally a delight to have at our function.
I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to have a jolly Santa at their holiday party.   
---- Meghan M. Templeton, Ma

"We had a great time! Santa was amazing and really entertained my whole family!
Thanks and highly recommending you."
---- Michelle T, Lunenburg, MA

"The most amazing Santa I ever hired!
The realistic beard and voice made it all complete.
Can't wait until this year. So glad you can do our party again
Highly recommended."
----- Lorie M, Palmer, MA


"What a blast we all had. Santa was awesome!!!! Very Jolly, spirited and genuinely sweet! But then again, isn't Santa all that and more?
We had Santa Kevin drop by last year and can't wait to see him again!
I can't believe that ALL the children gathered around him. And the pictures - we never felt rushed, and believe me, there were a LOT of picture takers. Oh, and he also brought along a very kindhearted elf along with him!
Looking forward to seeing you, and yes, we've all been good!
------ Patty, Plainville MA


"I hired Santa Kevin twice.
The first being for a Christmas Party for my nephew who is in the armed services and was heading over seas. Santa Kevin was great with the adults and even got the solider to sit on his lap for the photo shoot his Aunt wanted.
The second time was for a children's Christmas gathering, the kids were making gingerbread houses and Santa came by. They gathered around him as he took his seat and read them the night before Christmas, sang carols and admired their Gingerbread houses.
Santa Kevin was very professional and I will hire him for years to come."
------ Raenette, Athol MA

"You did an awesome job Santa Kevin; we were all very impressed, We will hire you again next year same week end!!!"
-----Wayne, Athol MA