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About Santa Kevin

“Santa Kevin” is Kevin Donelan, a lifelong resident of the North Quabbin region towns of Orange and Athol.   Along with his wife Lisa, Kevin has lived in Athol since 1989.


Kevin is a police officer for the Town of Orange Police Department in Orange, MA since 1987.  He has worked as a full time patrolman on the night shift since 1993 having several opportunities to escort Santa and his sleigh through the streets of Orange over the years!


Kevin and Lisa also run a small primitive décor business out of their home called Primitive Woodworks by KLD.  They make and sell primitive wood products that are sold locally in the North Quabbin region, in the Sturbridge, MA area and around the world on-line at www.primitivewoodworksbykld.com


As a child Kevin always enjoyed the Christmas season with his family and one of the greatest traditions was the Christmas Eve visit of Santa to their home in Orange.  Santa left a lasting impression of the joy of Christmas with Kevin and recently, as an adult, his desire to bring that joy to children himself came to the surface. Kevin decided that he would offer his services to families in the entire North Quabbin region by making public and private appearances as Santa.  Kevin is now dedicated to   “bringing Christmas cheer and good will to all the people that he encounters in his journeys and travels as a descendant of St. Nicolas” and is sworn to this by theSanta Claus Oath”.